Ein Projekt von  SURROUNDING

# Get closer to your unknown building..

is the word pun of the words architecture-data and sounds like finding the needle in a haystack.

With this assistant we made a tool to find out of our bookmarks unknown architecture by location across different platforms.

Your terms get translated to geo-coordinates. After that we lookup the webpages which are referenced to a area of coordinates as well (geojson)..

3 API to query directly
53 local websites
19 big global websites
4 search engines.

All websites are the collection of our experience of researching unknown buildings for many years. You are invited to suggest links.

Contact us for sending us your websites or references which are not working:
Contact form.

Surrounding is not affilated with any of the listed pages. Everybody is free to suggest, but the tool is provided as-is and it is decision of team, which platforms get integrated.