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Der Verein Surrounding


How architects use SURROUNDING?

SURROUNDING combines research and documentation of buildings in one tool. Everybody contributes photos and texts, so that all members can think outside of the box.

A summary of the most important features:
- search by categories for buildings and rooms
- search on a map
- upload buildings and save images in original resolution
- upload per Drag and Drop and automatically extract existing metadata
- set images to private mode
- share your last experiences as a day blog
- decide which images will automatically be uploaded to your pinterest-board
- create a print collection to download as zip or print as pdf
- collect favorites on lists
- use the buildings as KML for Google Earth or other apps
- setup your own profile

How can SURROUNDING be free without advertising and huge amounts of data?

SURROUNDING is a non-profit association and has no commercial interests.
At the moment we have collected over 2800 buildings across 8000 photos. In addition, there are over 18000 suggestions of buildings waiting to be added.

All this effort was possible because of a dedicated team which spent their free time establishing the platform since 2016.

How do we guarantee the quality of surrounding?

We only accept entries of buildings which exist, have existed in the past or are just built. Some metadata like address is necessary. Every submission will be approved by our team.
If you encounter any error in the metadata, feel free to contact us.

Which ways are available to access the database with Google Earth or (kml)

First of all, you need the url for downloading ( or referencing in Google Earth:
  • - Public visible buildings:
  • - Public + your own entries: Go to your preferences at tab social networks. To use in we recommend to bookmark the link and after downloading share the file with the app. The pins will appear in your bookmarks.

  • How are the lists working?

    Lists are designed for users to organize buildings or photos for future projects or next vacation.


    Share us!

    Share our project to extend the community. You can find us on social media:

  • ..Facebook
  • ..Linkedin
  • ..Instagram

    Do you have feedback or want to tell us something interesting? Write us, let us know what we can do!

    You can share any building in the toolbar with your friends on facebook!

  • Support as with new buildings

    There are plenty of ways to support us with content.

  • Upload your photos with no tags - we will assign them.
  • Submit buildings on your own - it is very fast, we experienced it ourselves!
  • If you have more data as a spreadsheet or database, let us know and we will import it for you!

  • Join our projectteam

    Wir suchen Neugierige, die sich gern freiwillig engagieren, um:
    - Layout und Marketing: Gestaltung von Printmedien und Betreuung Social Media
    - Programmierung: Entwicklung der API und vielen neuen Features die wir bereits planen
    - Redaktionell: Es gibt viele Texte und Inhalte die wir verfassen müssen, hilf uns!

    Hast du eine andere Idee wie du uns helfen kannst? Dann kontaktiere uns gern!

    Support and donations

    SURROUNDING needs your donations to develop further. Please contact us if you want to help.



    The association


    Since 2015 we followed the idea to create a platform, which combines the wish to research and to document in a building database. With the knowledge of being ourselves architects we tried to let it fit perfect to the requirements of architects. As a consequence being independent we founded a own association for this project.

    The future (and cooperations)

    Surrounding will be developing continously to etablish new features as also small improvements. The biggest next feature in our roadmap is a own app being abroad.

    If you like to share data with us in any format, just ask us. We have also a own API to request the buildings by your server.

    Do you have a lot of buildings to import? We will code a own import for you, just ask us.

    surrounding is a nonprofit association, which can be entered by everybody. With your membership you support not only our project itself also to spread and enhance architecture worldwide


    Die Mitglieder

    Robert Kühn

    Founder and CEO

    Felix Schwarz

    Founder and treasurer

    Patrick Wittneben

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